Jimmy Cliff

Titre : Jimmy Cliff
Date de sortie : 1 janvier 1969
Format : CD


1. Time Will Tell
2. Many Rivers To Cross
3. Vietnam
4. Use What I Got
5. Hard Road To Travel
6. Wonderful World, Beautiful People
7. Sufferin’ In The Land
8. Hello Sunshine
9. My Ancestors
10. That’s The Way Life Goes
11. Come Into My Life
12. She Does It Right (Bonus Track)
13. My World Is Blue (Bonus Track)
14. Let’s Dance (Bonus Track)
15. Bonus Track
16. These Good Good Old Days (Bonus Track)
17. Where Did It Go (Bonus Track)
18. You Can Get It If You Really Want (Bonus Track)
19. Give A Little, Take A Little (Bonus Track)
20. Pack Up Hang Ups (Bonus Track)
21. Hey Mister Yesterday (Bonus Track)
22. Bongo Man (A Come) (Bonus Track)
23. Be Aware (Bonus Track)
24. Dreaming
25. Hard Road To Travel